Rachel and Matt’s World Tour
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KL and Singapore

Hello everyone.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. We did go out for a great curry in KL, but as the beer is so bloody expensive we didn’t really spend too much time in the Reggae Bar.

Rachels folks arrived in Kuala Lumpur on the 17th, so we spent the week preceding mooching around China Town and various shopping malls until the big day.One of the more unusual things I did was go to a fish spa. This involved putting my feet in a big fish tank and letting the fish eat all the dead skin from my feet! It tickles alot but it did work a treat.

First on the agenda for Bob and Sue was a trip around the night market in China Town. Full of fake handbags and dvd’s, it’s noisy, dirty and sometimes very smelly but we all liked it very much! We stayed in China Town Inn, which has a great location on the main market street meaning Rachel and Sue could haggle to their hearts content without worrying about missing the last bus!

The next day we took a trip out to Batu Caves, a huge Hindu temple built into a cliff face. The 272 steps to the entrance was certainly hard work in the heat. Inside we were a bit disappointed to see that the local monkeys had raided the bins but no-one had cleaned up the mess. It was still worth the trip though just for the monkeys, who attacked this Chinese guy for his can of sprite!

Next morning we went into the business district for a trip up the Petronas Towers. Unfortunately we arrived a bit late to get a slot so will be going back in a week or so. The same afternoon we got onto a minibus for a trip to see fireflies on a river west of KL. On the way we stopped to see some wild monkeys of the friendly variety. As you can see by the pics they loved Rachel and Sue almost as much as green beens! After a great seafood meal by the river we jumped onto a small boat to see the firefies. No pictures unfortunately as it was pitch black, but try to imagine a whole riverbank lit up with fairy lights and you’ll be somewhere near.

We were up early the next day to take a bus ride south to Singapore, which was everything we were expecting. Super-clean, high-tech, efficient and judging by the cars, very wealthy.

We spent our first day having dinner at Clarke Quay where me and Bob managed to break our records for the most expensive beer ever (£6 for half a pint!!). From there we headed to the famous Raffles Hotel where we all had the required Singapore Sling at the Long Bar. They were very nice and Sue bought Rachel a glass as a souvenir.

We spent most of the next day on a Chinese Junk taking a tour of Singapore Harbour and nearby islands. The first things you notice are the hundreds of ships anchored just offshore and that the docks are massive making Southampton’s look tiny. In the evening we did China Town, Singapore style, which was spotless, and very civilised. A complete contrast to KL.

Bugis St, which many Naval personnel would frequent while on shore leave has now been turned into a street market, much to Bobs disapointment, but he still managed to get himself a picture in front of the sign. From there we headed to Singapore Zoo and Night Safari. Both were excellent and watching the White Tigers feeding time  was a highight. One thing that was definately not a highlight was the fire dancing at the Night Safari. I was dragged onstage where I had to strip to my waist and imitate their tribal moves while they threatened to put fire in  my mouth. I can honestly say it’s the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever done, though everyone else seemed to thing it was hilarious!

Our final stop in Singapore was Sentosa Island, a small island which has been turned into a leisure resort  with man made beaches, a viewing tower, luge ride and many other attractions. We had a great day exploring Fort Siloso, which saw action in the Japanese invasion of Singapore during WWII, aswell as going up the viewing tower and walking through the butterfly farm. The day  was capped off by “Songs of the Sea”. This was a spectacular musical show, with the best laser, pyrotechnic, water and light effects we have ever seen.

From Singapore we took a short flight to Penang, a large island north of KL. As it’s largest city Georgetown is World Heritage listed we were expecting something a little more grand than what we got. Still, our hotel was very nice with great views of the sea and we ate the required curry from a hawker centre in Batu Ferringhi market.

We are now in Langkawi, another island near the Thai border. Getting here involved a treacherous ferry crossing from Penang. The sea was extremely rough as there was a storm early in the morning . Sue was a bit ill, along with most of the other passengers. Hopefully the trip back to the mainland won’t be as bad!

We are now half way through our trip and can’t believe how quickly the time has flown by. We hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine in England., or wherever you may be. See you in 6 months!


Here is a special guest entry by Sue and Bob:

We arrived after a long tiring flight. We were so pleased to see Rachel and Matthew , who met us at the airport. They both look healthy and well bronzed. Well, where do we start?

As you can see from Matthew and Rachels blog our feet have not touched the ground. They have been wonderful hosts and certainly have their wits about them and know exactly what they are doing – more than I can say for us old wrinklies!!

We are having a marvelous time. The trip to the typical Malaysian fishing village where we had dinner and watched the sunset was followed by a magical boat ride to see the fireflies. They were spectacular.

Singapore was very special and we had our Singapore Sling at the Long Bar in Raffles. We went to Turtle Island on a Junk boat trip around the harbour. The last night in Singapore was spent overlooking the sea, watching a superb laser/light show on Sentosa sland.

We are now chilling out on a glorious beach on Langkawi island. We are hiring a car tomorrow to see the sights here. Looking forward to our trip to the Cameron Highlands and the rest of our holiday.

Thank you to our hosts for planning and organising our time with them. What memories we will take home with us. We have enjoyed this holiday so much, but sadly will have to leave them to complete their travels, whilst we return to Blighty. We wish them both a safe onward journey.

Love from Bob and Sue.


1 Fee { 05.27.09 at 4:40 pm }


Great pictures as ever – nice to see Rachel’s parents had such a great time and it was cool to read their contribution to the blog. Mum and Dad are on their travels too, they are venturing out to the Cotswolds, don’t worry they are fully vaccinated and speak the language.

I’m searching for a temp job, starting two weeks work experience at Trimedia in Bedford Place on Monday, hopefully one of the last stints of unpaid work I will ever do! Weather has been nice here recently, I even managed a kayak down the Hamble on Bank Holiday which was good, hoping to get them out a bit more this summer. Horrible weather today though. Hopefully get to speak to you on Skype soon. Tans still looks good.

Lots of love Fee xxx

2 Mum and Dad Doran { 05.27.09 at 5:45 pm }

Hello from the Cotswolds! Sitting on the bed with the netbook, with free Wi fi – how tekky am I?
Fantastic photos, super blog. Not sure if the fire eating dance is THE most embarrassing thing you have done Matt! Memories of you in a tinsel wig, wearing make up and beads – oh and also a grass skirt come flooding in – eh Fiona?
You have packed in loads thus far, lucky you seeing the white Tigers. The zoo looks good – I am jeajous.
Oh how do you know if the fish are eating just the hard skin and are not down to the fresh stuff? I can imagine what you would be like with the tickling sensation Matt, knowing your foot fetish(that’s another story people!!)
I heard Lankana is lovely and hope you are enjoying it. Bob and Sue will need another 3 weeks off to recover when they return home. Looking forward to seeing all their pikkies and hearing about their trip.
Dad bought me a present today – A new engagement ring to replace the one I lost years ago. We were just passing a jewellers shop and I always glance in just to see if there is ever anything similar and guess what ! today there was! Almost identical – so in we went. His wallet felt much lighter when he came out!
Keep enjoying yourselves and making us jealous back home. However the Cotswolds are lovely!

Love to all of you.

3 john { 05.27.09 at 7:03 pm }

Glad you are having a good time,told you the laser show was good .This is like reading a page from a good book ,look foreward to the next instalment.
Cool car.

4 Carol, Dan and Harry { 05.27.09 at 8:35 pm }

Hello people! You are making me sooooo jealous. I did get a little upset when you had the Silsbury’s family photo! Where am I? oh yeah, I forgot, you left me behind!
We are missing you guys so much and mum and dad, though they will be home very soon. Harry misses his nana and grandad and we cant wait to see Auntie Rachel and Matt when you return home after your amazing travels with all your stories.
Good to see that you guys are looking after the olds so well. They look like they are having a fantastic time. I think you may have given them the bug for travelling the globe! Watch out Rach, they may spend the inheritance!
You both look very well, with your tans and weight loss.
Sending you all our love and hope you continue to travel safely. Hopefully speak to you soon on web cam. Oh and loving the pictures of Paddy, they always make us giggle. Harry will have an amazing photo album and a well travelled Paddy when he finally returns home.
Lots of love, Carol, Daniel and Harry. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

5 Rachel { 05.28.09 at 3:03 am }

Hey Lee – did you see the pic of me enjoying my singapore sling?! Thanks dude it was lush! Congrats to you and Kirst on your wedding – have seen some of the pics on the ‘book. Looks like you all had a ball! Lovin the red – gorgeous!

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