Rachel and Matt’s World Tour
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Sod working! Let’s find excitement before we are too old/sensible/boring to even contemplate dropping everything and escaping the hum drum.

We have both dreamed of taking off for some time, but had never quite got round to making it happen….until now. I have hippy dreams of being free from the tedium of daily life – of exotic desert islands and bright bustling cities. Matt’s are more Palin-esque, and involve man-making treks through jungles and up mountains.

Last year, somehow these former pipe dreams started evolving into actual plans, and due to Matt’s (ever concerning but occasionally very useful) geekiness this web site has evolved. I shouldn’t criticise: my own number-crunching geekiness has also become pretty useful. Man I love a good spreadsheet, so our budget is pretty thorough.

We really hope you subscribe to our blog so that you can follow us on our trip round the world. We promise to share the sights with regular photo posts, and to keep you amused with tales of our wonders and blunders on the way round.

This is the basic itinerary (click to enlarge).

If you, or anyone you know, have been to any of these places it would be awesome to receive recommendations – things to do, places to go (or avoid?!).

We would love for you to keep us informed about what we are missing at home too, I want ALL the gossip!

See you in a year……….

All our love

x X Rachel & Matt X x